This breakdown explains how to dissemble and refit a new rear wheel bearing for Toyota 4x4 rear axles.

It is very common for the correct procedure to be ignored which can often resolve in a damaged half shaft. Incorrect fitment and positioning of the retainer collars and inner seals can also cause the half shaft to leak by not setting the correct depth or fitting the seal squarely into the axle casing.

Please follow our fitment guide for correct procedure which WILL stop your rear axle leaking if followed correctly.

Please Nb - ABS rings, if fitted to your model, need to be removed prior to using the puller as there is a snap ring behind


RWB Fitting Guide No1 Image This diagram explains the set up of rear wheel bearing half shaft found on the Toyota 4x4 rear axles with and without ABS.

ABS models require removing the outer retainer and ABS ring to access the snap ring prior to using the bearing puller.

2 Rear Axle Remove the wheel and brake drum; disconnect the brake tube and hand brake cable. Remove the 4 backing plate mounting nuts and remove the snap ring from the shaft.
3 Rear Axle Using a Rear Axle Shaft Puller attach it to the backing. When pulling the rear axle shaft out be careful not to damage the oil seal unless you are replacing it.
4 Rear Axle Using a press, press out the rear axle shaft from the backing plate. When removed inspect the rear axle shaft and flange for wear, damage or runout.
5 Rear Axle Maximum shaft runout: 2.0mm (0.079 Inch) Maximum flange runout: 0.2mm (0.008 Inch) If the rear axle shaft or flange is damaged or worn, or if the runout is greater than the maximum, replace the rear axle shaft.
6 Rear Axle Inspect the oil seal for damage and check the oil seal lip for wear or damage. If necessary, replace the outer oil seal using an oil seal puller and install the new oil seal with a hub & drive pinion bearing tool set.
7 Rear Axle Inspect the rear axle bearing for wear or damage. If necessary, replace the bearing by removing the bearing outer oil seal and press out the bearing using a suitable press.
8 Rear Axle Inspect bearing case and clean all surfaces with emery cloth and press the new bearing into the hub. Install new oil seal.
9 Rear Axle Remove inner axle oil seal.
10 Rear Axle Clean surfaces and install new inner axle oil seal being careful not to damage the new seal. Before installing the rear axle shaft into the backing plate apply MP grease to the oil seal.
11 Rear Axle Insert the backing plate and bearing retainer on the rear axle shaft. Carefully press the rear axle shaft into the backing plate and install the new snap ring with snap ring pliers.
12 Rear Axle Install the rear axle shaft with four nuts and Torque to 700kg-cm (51 ft-lb, 69N-m). Be careful not to damage the oil seal. When inserting the axle shaft, be careful not to hit or deform the oil deflector inside the axle housing. Connect the brake tube, hand brake cable and install the drum and fit the wheel.


The axle shaft puller safely removes the axle shaft on a variety of Toyota models without damaging the shaft, just remember there is a half shaft retainer snap ring that needs to be removed before using the puller.

Cutting a bearing, retainer or ABS ring can damage the axle beyond repair resulting in oil leaking from the shaft.

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