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Repair Guides

  1. How to remove the Handbrake cable from the Lever [VIDEO]

    How to remove the Handbrake cable from the Lever [VIDEO]

    A quick video to help you remove and replace the handbrake cable from the pull type handbrake lever. This is situated below the dashboard next to the steering wheel on Toyota Hilux Pickups, Hilux Surfs and 4Runners. View all our Handbrake Cables here
  2. RoughTrax Hilux with the Stealth Look!

    Just thought we would share with you some of the ideas and work we carried out on our Hilux KUN26 (mainly over lock-down!). So the idea was to de-chrome our original KUN26 2010 Invincible, but prior to that we had to do some essentials! The Front The front end was getting a little tired looking, even on what we feel...
  3. VSC Lights Constantly Flashing

    Hi Guys, Just a little snippet of info I thought I’d share with you all on my Hilux KUN26. So I just fitted a new snorkel to our truck which required removing the air box with the mass-air flow sensor. I had to move the truck with it disconnected. After re-fitting the air box etc I fired her up again...
  4. What is Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)?

    A vehicle fitted with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system benefits from lower combustion temperatures and reducing oxides of nitrogen emissions (NOx). Some exhaust gases are re-introduced through the EGR valve into the engine inlet manifold, with the effect of reducing the temperatures within the combustion chamber reducing emissions. What is EGR Cooling? To cool the temperature even further, and...
  5. Fitting Guide for the Kuhner Diesel Alternator 85 Amp

    Fitting Guide for the Kuhner Diesel Alternator 85 Amp

    We have put together some helpful instructions and tips to make the removal and fitment of the Kuhner 85 Amp alternator that much easier. This alternator fits a selection of the Hilux Pickup models from 2002 onwards and Land Cruiser KDJ90/95, 120 series, and 150 series. See the ‘Compatible Vehicles’ tab on the product page on our website for the...
  6. Aisin's Correct Clutch Installation Guide

    Aisin's Correct Clutch Installation Guide

    This Clutch Diagnostic Manual offers information on: NVR the Clutch System AISIN Clutch Characteristics Installation Procedures Troubleshooting Precautions when handling > Clutch Installation Guide.
  7. Sump Pan Replacement Guide

    We have put together this basic step by step guide to replacing your Sump Pan. We have also included some photos which should make things easier to understand. There are of course other ways to replace the Sump but we have found this to be the easiest way. (The photos included are of a Toyota Hilux MK4 LN165.) Useful Notes...
  8. How to install a Drag Link

    How to install a Drag Link

    We’ve recently had some questions from customers asking the best way to install a Drag Link, so we have put together this helpful guide. The following image shows the Pitman Arm, Drag Link and Knuckle Arm (Boomerang Arm) in position. When the steering wheel is turned the Pitman Arm moves the Drag Link which transfers the rotating motion from the...
  9. How to fit a Centre Bearing

    What is a Centre Bearing? The Centre Bearing is designed to support the central prop shaft when a two-piece shaft is fitted. It has a large rubber mounting and bearing fitted inside a metal cage which is attached to the chassis. The whole centre bearing mount is fitted to the front section of the rear or rear prop shaft and retained by the flange and central...
  10. History of the Hilux Surf

    For those of you that are new to the Toyota Surf, we have put together a friendly guide on how the Surfs came to be. Along with information about how they have evolved and a few interesting facts that we have learnt over the years. In the early 80’ Toyota was keen to create a passenger version of the pickup...
  11. Why Fit Wheel Spacers?

    There are several reasons people fit wheel spacers : To increase stability if you are lifting your truck So you can fit larger sized tyres to your vehicle To improve performance and grip of the wheel By widening the stance it creates greater stability when steering around corners Wheel spacers come in various thickness from about 5mm to 60mm and...
  12. What is AHC?

    What is AHC?

    Have you ever wondered what AHC is? Some of our vehicle parts can only be fitted to vehicles with AHC so we have put together a quick guide to help. Firstly AHC stands for Active Height Control suspension or Adjustable Height Control. What does AHC do? Well to keep it short on the Land Cruiser 100 series it allows the...
  13. How can I tell if I have a rear Limited Slip Differential (LSD)?

    How can I tell if I have a rear Limited Slip Differential (LSD)?

    A. Unfortunately on many models the data given by Toyota does not always confirm what type of differential is fitted, more often it just states “with” or “without” LSD which isn’t that helpful when you need to change your oil, so how do you tell without removing the diff? Toyota simply put an LSD sticker on the differential housing as...
  14. Do you have a Leaking Radiator?

    Do you have a Leaking Radiator?

    We have put together some help and advice in the event that you start to experience problems with your Radiator. What are the most common problems? The main issues are: Coolant leaks Frequent engine overheating A puddle under the radiator How does a radiator work? The main purpose of the radiator is to cool the internal combustion engine. Unlike radiators...
  15. How to check or replace a blown fuse

    How to check or replace a blown fuse

    If your stereo goes dead, windows stop working, a light stops working or if your truck won’t start, it can often result to a blown fuse. Replacing or checking a fuse is as easy as changing a light bulb. You can usually change fuses yourself, easily and with very little expense on the Toyota Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surfs and Land Cruisers...
  16. How to fit oil seals correctly on your Toyota

    How to fit oil seals correctly on your Toyota

    The job of removing and fitting of an oil seal correctly is a very important task no matter where it is being installed, of course in some areas such as rear main oil seal (engine crank shaft) just getting to the seal is the major issue so here are some helpful hints along with some 'do’s' and 'don’ts' to ensure...
  17. Why is it important to change your brake fluid?

    Why is it important to change your brake fluid?

    In this article you'll learn why it is important to regularly change your old brake fluid with new brake fluid, how to bleed your brake system and how to choose the right fluid for your vehicle. The important thing to remember is, brake fluid can absorb moisture, this is bad because of the 'wet boiling point' which is the reduced boiling temperature of fluid that's absorbed...
  18. The difference between Coil, Leaf & Torsion Bars

    The difference between Coil, Leaf & Torsion Bars

    In this article you will learn about different suspensions types such as coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bar suspension systems, their functions and how their differ from one another. A vehicle ride quality is a very personal preference, and what one persons opinion of a nice ride comfort and feel will be another ones nightmare. Automotive springs & torsion bars play a major role in the safe handling and...
  19. Tips for servicing & maintaining your Toyota 4x4

    Tips for servicing & maintaining your Toyota 4x4

    When you purchase a vehicle you are taking on the responsibility of servicing and maintaining that vehicle, it is important to ensure your vehicle is safe to be used on-road and off-road to avoid being involved in an accident. In between services you should be checking your vehicle for anything out of the ordinary and take action upon your findings...
  20. Nolathane Front Anti-Roll Bar Link Installation

    Nolathane Front Anti-Roll Bar Link Installation

    Nolathane front anti-roll bar link installation guide, please read the instructions fully below before installation. Raise front of vehicle, support on stands and remove the front wheels. Detach the sway bar links from the upper strut mounting point. Loosen the sway bar brackets to permit the sway bar to move freely in its bushes. Discard the original links from the...

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