Nolathane front anti-roll bar link installation guide, please read the instructions fully below before installation.

  1. Anti-Roll Bar Drop Link RodsRaise front of vehicle, support on stands and remove the front wheels.
  2. Detach the sway bar links from the upper strut mounting point. Loosen the sway bar brackets to permit the sway bar to move freely in its bushes. Discard the original links from the sway bar. Clean eyes at each end of the sway bar and existing holes in control arms which accept modified link rods.
  3. Assemble the modified link firstly with the two flanged nuts. The shoulder nut must face away from the threaded section, leaving approximately 56-58mm of thread open on each end of the link.
  4. Install a cup washer and bush on the rod with the cup profile facing the bush. Install the rod and bush to one end of the sway bar, with link facing downwards (see image). Install bush and cup washer on other side of eye and secure with a nylock nut. Carry out same procedure to the other end of sway bar.
  5. Install bush and cup washer to the links and fit through existing holes in control arms. Install bush and cup washer to end of link rod and secure with nylock nut.
  6. Lower vehicle to correct ride height. Tighten all nylock lock nuts until bushes just contact sway bar and control arm surfaces, then tighten nuts a further ¾ to one turn.
  7. Ensure all mounting points are secure and check assembly after a test drive. Kit Contents: 2 x Link rods, 8 x cupped washers, 8 x bushes, 4 x nylock flange nuts.

PLEASE NOTE; Kit does not contain any roll bar ‘D’ bushes.

It is recommended that new bushes are fitted when fitting modified adjustable link rods.

Use link Rod Bushes SPB001F if required. This procedure must be carried out by a qualified mechanic; however it is a simple DIY job.

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